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Coronalab helps individuals and companies test for COVID-19. We do this with a fast COVID test service where we can give the results the same day. You can contact us for the PCR test, the Antigen Rapid test and the Serologic test.

Tested with priority. Quickly back to work.

Tests taken at Coronalab are analyzed with priority in our own laboratory. This ensures that you get the same-day results very quickly. If you opt for a test at Coronalab, you opt for quality and security. All PCR tests are checked by our medical microbiologist.

Rapid test


With the COVID-19 antigen rapid test you will have a result within 2 hours whether you are infected now. You will receive the result in your email within two hours.

  Results within two hours
  RIVM / WHO validated tests
  Roche / Biosensor testing
  12 clinics in the Netherlands
  Result with English certificate
  Checked by doctor

PCR test


Based on the COVID-19 PCR test, we can determine whether you are now infected with the corona virus. In case of a negative result you will receive a travel certificate.

  Includes English travel certificate
  RIVM / WHO validated tests
  12 clinics in the Netherlands
  Analyzed in our own lab
  First in NL with PCR certificate
  Tens of thousands preceded you!

IgM Duo test China


Based on the COVID-19 PCR test, we can determine whether you are now infected with the corona virus. We use the serological IgM blood test to check whether you have had the virus.

  Includes English travel certificate
  RIVM/WHO validated tests
  11 clinics in The Netherlands
  Analyzed in our own lab
  First in NL with PCR certificate
  Result checked by doctor

Do you want to take business tests?

Coronalab offers various solutions for companies, such as booking codes and tests at your location. For more information, please visit our company page.

Why Coronalab?

ISO certified

Microbe & Lab is ISO certified. Our CEO is a medical microbiologist. All tests are monitored by a doctor.

RIVM accredited

Our laboratory is accredited by the RIVM for Sars-CoV-2 diagnostics.

Privacy and GDPR

The results are all sent exclusively via secure email in accordance with GDPR.

10 years experience

We have more than 10 years of experience in developing medical tests for infectious diseases.

We work together with these companies

Our test locations

View the overview of our test locations here. By clicking on a location you can view more information. You can plan a test directly in our booking tool.

More information about the availability of the tests and opening hours of the various locations? Then click here.

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COVID-19 tests for travel

Curious about the specific entry rules for travel to Curaçao, Greece, France, Morocco, Bonaire and many other countries? Check out our travel clinic page for the rules for these and many other locations.

How does testing work?

You can easily make an appointment for a corona test of your choice via our booking tool. Our doctor will collect material from you at the location and time chosen by you. The material is examined in our laboratory.

Quick result

You will always receive the results the same day for tests that are taken in our clinic. The results will follow the same day around 10 p.m. You will receive the results of rapid tests within two hours of taking the test.

Test at home whether you have had corona

Do you want to test from home whether you have had the corona virus? That is possible with the COVID-HAD test. The COVID-HAD test is a serological blood test. By collecting and sending a few drops of blood, we can analyze your antibodies against the corona virus in our own laboratory. There is an extensive manual in the package.

A serological test is there to determine if you have had corona. This information can provide more peace and security. The test works optimally from about two weeks after the first day of illness. Have you had symptoms recently and do you want to know whether this was the corona virus? You can determine this with this antibody test.

In het nieuws

Experts in infectious diseases

Our company is managed by a Physician Microbiologist. Together with a team of scientists in the field of medical microbiology and infectious diseases, we do a lot of research on infectious diseases and we develop, certify and produce our own CE-IVD marked tests. We validate and implement these in hospitals in the Netherlands and abroad.

We have more than 10 years of experience developing certified medical tests.

Veelgestelde vragen

Is Coronalab allowed by the RIVM to take the corona test?

Yes, we are a laboratory for COVID-19 diagnostics validated by the RIVM. This means that we have been checked by RIVM and that we meet the set criteria. Here you will find our certificate of competence. We are also listed in the RIVM guideline.

How reliable are Coronalab tests?

We believe it is important that our tests are not only accessible, but also as reliable as possible. That is why we only offer approved laboratory tests that are performed by expert personnel. Our laboratory is ISO certified. This means that we are regularly checked for quality and professionalism and that we always pass these checks well.

PCR technique (gold standard)
This is the same technique that the RIVM and GGD also use. Our laboratory is also a RIVM-validated laboratory for SARS-CoV-2 diagnostics. The specificity of the PCR test is 99.8% and the sensitivity is 99.9%.

Serological test
With the serological test you measure whether you have antibodies against the corona virus. We use CE-IVD certified tests and have validated them internally and externally. We use two ELISA tests with a sensitivity and specificity between 96-100% for our target group (see above “when can I test”). These correspond to the criteria set by experts for antibody tests for this application.

If the test is “positive”, we will do another independent test to make sure you really have antibodies. This may cause the rash to take a little longer.

When will I be called if the result is positive?

If the result is positive, you will be called within 24 hours. We do this with an anonymous number.

Is my result anonymous?

For the PCR test you need personal information such as your first and last name, e-mail address, date of birth and telephone number. We use this to create and send the PCR certificate. If you are tested positive, we also want to be able to call you. We act in accordance with the GDPR and results are sent via secure e-mail. If positive, we will pass on the positive test result to the GGD and RIVM. We are obliged to do this in the context of the legal reporting obligation of COVID-19. For more information about data processing, please refer to our privacy statement.

The results of the Corona-Gehad test that you order online are completely anonymous. We don’t know who we are testing. You are the only one with that code, so keep the code card safe!

Will my data be shared with the RIVM?

If a traveler or employee is tested positive for COVID-19, we are legally obliged to report this to the regional GGD and anonymised in weekly statements to the RIVM (Dutch CDC).

If you have purchased the serological test (COVID-HAD), we NEVER share data with third parties without explicit permission. In contrast to a positive PCR test, we are not legally obliged to report a positive result to the GGD and / or RIVM for the serological test.

What happens with my data?

Data for in-clinic testing
All personal data that is stored in order to analyze the test and to carry out the test will be deleted after two weeks in accordance with GDPR.

Serological home collection kit
We need a number of data to be able to perform our services. For example, we need your contact details and postal address to send the test to you and to process the payment. Your data will be deleted 6 weeks after your order.

The data is stored on secure servers that meet the requirements set for us under the GDPR.

I have not received my result, what should I do?

Results come the same day no later than 10 p.m. If you have not yet received the result and it is not in your unwanted mailbox, you can email us to

Our helpdesk is available to you by email until 11:59 pm.

Do I have to test on an empty stomach?

The use of different substances can cause an unclear or unreliable result. We therefore advise you not to smoke, eat or drink one to two hours in advance. The consumption of alcohol or the use of mouthwash can also adversely affect the result.

What is the corona virus?

The new coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) causes the disease COVID-19. In the beginning, the complaints often resemble a cold. The disease can cause severe pneumonia, which can sometimes kill people.

What are the symptoms of the coronavirus?

Most people experience a feeling of flu and have complaints such as cold, runny nose, sneezing, sore throat, mild cough, increase, fatigue, fever and / or chest tightness. SARS-CoV-2 differs from the well-known coronaviruses that occur in humans. A reduction in smell and taste is also common. More information can be found on the RIVM site.