A new variant of the corona virus is emerging. The British variant of COVID-19 has helped extend the lockdown. We see, among other things in the press conference yesterday (January 12, 2021) of Prime Minister Rutte, that there is a lot of fear for the British variant of the Coronavirus. The fear for this variant is mainly due to the higher reproduction number of the virus. The virus seems more contagious, which means that more people get sick more quickly. At Coronalab we regularly receive questions about these and other new mutations.

Do your tests also work for the British and South African corona variant?

Yes, our tests also detect the English and South African COVID-19 variants. They are recognized just as well as the regular COVID-19 variant. This applies to our PCR tests and also to the rapid tests from Roche, Biosensor and all other brands that we use. If variants arise in the future that cannot be detected by our tests, we will let you know.

Detect infections quickly with the PCR test

A fast test result is very important for many companies. At Coronalab, we take tests that are analyzed with priority in our own lab. This allows us to give quick results. Testing is possible at one of our test locations, but we also provide complete company screenings at your location. We use the PCR method for screenings. This allows us to identify contamination at an early stage and prevent a further outbreak within your organization. Especially now that more contagious mutations of the virus are active, it can be important to screen for prevention. Asymptomatics can also carry the virus and make others sick. Do you need more information about our tests or do you want to request booking codes for your staff? We are happy to help you.