Corona test for companies, healthcare and education

Coronalab offers reliable COVID-19 tests for employers. We do this with a fast service where employees can contact us quickly and always have the results the same day . With our COVID-19 tests, we help employees get back to work faster and increase safety in the workplace. We also help companies with (in-company) screening of employees.

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Booking Codes

quick test

You can request booking codes from 10 tests . Your company will receive codes with which your employees can easily plan a test themselves.

Results within two hours
Biosensor and Roche Antigen Test
RIVM/WHO validated tests
25 clinics in the Netherlands
Includes English certificate

Booking Codes

PCR test

You can request booking codes from 10 tests . Your company will receive codes with which your employees can easily plan a test themselves.

Includes English travel certificate
RIVM/WHO validated tests
25 clinics in the Netherlands
Analyzed in our own lab
First in NL with PCR certificate
Experience at> 100 companies



We test your employees with reliable PCR tests at your own work location. Ask about the options for preventive testing or urgently in the event of a Corona outbreak.

Services fully GDPR compliant
Result checked by doctor
RIVM/WHO validated tests
Tests analyzed in our own lab
Results the same day

Business question?

Do you have another business related question? Contact us.

ISO certified

Microbe&Lab is ISO certified. All tests are checked by a BIG certified doctor .

RIVM accredited

Our laboratory is accredited by the RIVM for Sars-CoV-2 diagnostics.

Security and Privacy

Your personal data will be processed in accordance with applicable laws and regulations, such as AVG.

10 years experience

Microbe&Lab has more than 10 years of experience in developing medical tests for infectious diseases.

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Why take a commercial corona test?

COVID-19 has a major impact on organizations. As an employer, you want to get your employees back to work safely and healthy as soon as possible. Testing the employees can make an important contribution to this. Coronalab offers a high-quality COVID-19 PCR test (PCR test has been validated by the RIVM) and a fast test procedure. Employees can always request the results the same day for tests taken in our clinics, regardless of which test your employee takes.

When to test?

Companies apply our tests to see if employees currently have a COVID-19 infection. Early detection of infections prevents outbreaks and increases worker safety. With our COVID-19 test procedure, employees with and without symptoms can come to Coronalab. We also help companies with on-site screening or spot testing to detect COVID-19 infections early.

Testing on location? Contact us.

How does testing in the clinic work?

You will receive codes from us that employees can easily use themselves to schedule a test in one of our test locations via our booking tool. Note: a booking code can only be entered once.

The employee comes to the appointment in our clinic at the agreed location at the agreed time. A sample is taken there. The way of testing depends on the choice of test. For more information about our tests, please see the pages of the PCR test , the Rapid test and the Serological test .

The collected material is analyzed with priority in our own laboratory. All results are checked by our medical microbiologist. The employee can request the results via a secure environment, including an English (travel) certificate.

Business travel?

Have you or one of your employees planned a trip abroad? Then choose booking codes for the PCR test . If the employee fills in his/her passport details, this will be provided with an internationally widely accepted travel certificate. Many countries have entry restrictions and require a COVID-19 PCR test upon entry. Employees returning from risk areas also often have to be tested. We have already helped tens of thousands of travelers to obtain a PCR certificate.

Request booking codes

Submit your booking code request here. Optionally, you can indicate how many you think you need. For business testing there is a minimum of 10 tests.
Do you already have a booking code? Then schedule your test right here .

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does my employee have to pay on location?
No, this is not necessary. After ordering and signing the agreement, will send you a series of unique booking codes. An employee who entered the booking code when scheduling the appointment does not have to pay in the clinic.
What does a booking code cost?

The cost of booking codes depends on the chosen test. Purchasing booking codes is cheaper than purchasing individual tests. You can contact us here to request booking codes.

Can I also make a test appointment without a booking code?

Yes, anyone can book a test online “via private”. Companies can also register employees here for a PCR test and pay online.

How do I make an appointment with a booking code?

The test procedure for booking codes:

  1. The employee makes an appointment via our booking tool .
  2. The employee enters the booking code and clicks on ‘Use’. This starts, for example, with ABCD- followed by a unique code of 9 characters.
  3. The employee chooses a time in the online calendar.
  4. The employee confirms the appointment and receives a confirmation email with the time and location.
  5. The employee will come to the test location at the agreed time and follow the instructions in the confirmation email and at the test location.
  6. The results of the test can be viewed on our website.
Who do we test and who don't?

Coronalab offers quick test procedures for employers. Coronalab is the first party to offer on-site PCR Screening for companies. The purpose of rapid testing is to give people more certainty and to isolate corona positives faster and thereby keep companies open. We test people with and without symptoms. If the test is negative, people can return to work.
In addition, we offer a back to work protocol for people who have tested positive.


Who carries out the corona test?

At the locations we work with healthcare professionals such as doctors and nurses. We are supported by trained personnel. All results are confirmed by specially trained personnel.

How is the test administered?
For the PCR test we take a throat and nasal swab . For the Quick Test we use a nasal swab. This is in accordance with the guidelines of the RIVM.

For travelers we do adapted testing methods if the country and the local authorities request it. We ask travelers to look carefully at the test method for their destination. This can differ per country.

What time do I get the results?

You will receive all test results at Coronalab the same day. The results of the PCR test can be viewed the same evening around 11 p.m. In many cases this can be done a little earlier. On busy days, the test result may be slightly delayed. We will then indicate this on the website.

All rapid tests are also checked by a doctor. You can request it two hours after the test. You will also receive this result by e-mail.

GDPR and Quality Assurance

Positive PCR results are passed on to the person by our doctor. We will then report this to the local GGD and RIVM in accordance with the statutory notification obligation for COVID-19.

Personal data will be deleted within 14 days. See more information in our privacy statement at the bottom of the website.

Is a lab certified by the RIVM for COVID-19 testing?
Yes. is a laboratory validated by RIVM for performing COVID-19 RT-PCR tests. Our declaration of performance can be found here . This means that our PCR test has successfully completed a number of validation steps and meets the quality criteria set by the RIVM.
Are the COVID-19 tests reliable and of good quality?

Yes. All corona tests we use have a CE-IVD mark. The tests are taken by healthcare professionals and a doctor is always available for medical matters. also employs a medical microbiologist who can be consulted. We have been approved by the RIVM for our PCR tests and are one of the validated labs.

My employee has tested positive for corona. What now?

If an employee tests positive for COVID-19, our doctor will pass this on to the local GGD and anonymize it to the RIVM.

It is also possible that the company doctor or medical service passes on the positive test. However, this is clearly laid down in the cooperation agreement.

Is there a risk of contamination in the workplace through contacts of an employee? Then a protocol of the GGD comes into effect. That protocol determines which measures will be taken. In consultation, Coronalab can support any screening of employees who have been in contact with the infected person. Please contact us for this.

When will my employee be called in case of a positive test?

If the result is positive, the employee will always be called by our doctor within 24 hours.

Can I have my employee tested for the coronavirus?

The employer can facilitate a COVID-19 PCR test, but there is no obligation for the employee. Employees can make an appointment with us themselves and can only request the results themselves. This is also the case if our doctor tests on location. If the company doctor facilitates the test on location, we will provide the company doctor with the results. The company doctor will only share the result with the employee and will take measures with regard to possible positive cases.

In none of the cases does the employee have to share the result. If someone has a positive Covid 19 test result, we are obliged by law to report it to the regional GGD for source and contact research and anonymized weekly at the RIVM.

What can I as an employer do for employees?

RIVM has issued instructions on how to deal with contacts at work and with customers. You are expected to follow these instructions. You can address employees about this.

You can also use preventive screening from or have people tested for antibodies by means of serology. This can give people and the organization peace of mind. Feel free to contact us