More and more often we see that companies want to use our good name to make a flying start. They do this by using very similar names or copying our concept online. Within Coronalab we see this as the greatest compliment you can get. Instead of delving into legal matters, we prefer to spend our time testing people and detecting infections as carefully as possible. After all, by testing we can isolate COVID-19 and thus reduce the number of infections. We do remain alert to developments in the market. The moment these would damage our name or the quality of our products, we will be forced to intervene.

Distinctive character

Coronalab is a business unit of Microbe & Lab. We are an independent laboratory in Amsterdam that is certified by the RIVM for Sars-CoV-2 diagnostics. This gives us the advantage that we can supervise the entire process: we test people, analyze the material and provide the results ourselves (securely). Microbe & Lab was founded for and by science. This has ensured a high quality requirement for ourselves. We have been conducting corona tests since the start of the Corona outbreak in the Netherlands. We were the first in the Netherlands to produce an international travel certificate. We are ready for you with reliable corona tests.

Do you have any questions or remarks? Do you see misuse of our logos or name or are you not sure whether you are with the right party? Then contact us and we will be happy to help you.