COVID-19 and travelling to Bonaire

Are you traveling to Bonaire and do you want to know which corona measures apply? Here you will find more information about the COVID-19 test recommended for Bonaire. Specific requirements may apply such as the validity of the medical certificate. You should take a good look at this yourself. Bonaire requires a throat and nose swab. Coronalab offers this for travelers to Bonaire.
PCR test by ISO certified and RIVM validated lab for COVID-19 PCR testing.
COVID-19 PCR certificate widely accepted. Many test locations in the Netherlands!
Results the same day around 10 p.m.!

COVID-19 measures Bonaire

For Bonaire, a COVID-19 PCR test with a medical certificate that is no older than 3 days is necessary to enter the country and avoid quarantine.

The situation changes every day. An up-to-date overview with all the requirements that a country sets for corona tests can be found on the page of the International Air Transport Association (IATA). This organization maintains an overview of all countries.

COVID-19 test necessary?

Op deze pagina informeren we u over PCR-tests voor reizen naar het buitenland. U moet zelf beoordelen of de coronatest voor uw specifieke reis en verblijfsduur noodzakelijk is. Mocht u vragen hebben dan kunt u hiervoor contact met ons opnemen.

COVID-19 Priority PCR test

Several countries have made a COVID-19 test (PCR) mandatory for people who want to enter the country. Coronalab helps travelers offer COVID-19 PCR tests that we analyze with priority. This gives you the results the same day.

How our doctor works

Our doctor will take some mucus with a throat swab (for some countries we also do a throat and nose swab). Our laboratory analyzes your material. The doctor will check the results and issue a certificate confirming your COVID-19 PCR status. This certificate is sent personally via secure e-mail.

Important: stay at home if you have complaints or if you have had complaints in the past 2 weeks. If you have complaints, get tested at the GGD.


About Coronalab

Coronalab (Microbe & Lab) has an ISO certified laboratory at the Science park in Amsterdam. Our laboratory has been approved by the RIVM for COVID-19 PCR tests.

Experts in infectious deseases

Our company is managed by a Physician Microbiologist. Together with a team of scientists in the field of medical microbiology and infectious diseases, we do a lot of research on infectious diseases and we develop, certify and produce our own CE-IVD marked tests. We validate and implement these in hospitals in the Netherlands and abroad.

We have more than 10 years of experience in developing certified medical tests.

Same day result

Need a quick result? You can contact us in the morning and have the result with the COVID-19 PCR certificate signed by one of our doctors the same day at 10 p.m.

Where to find us

Our travel clinic for travelers is located at Science Park 106 in Amsterdam. You can also contact one of our partner locations in the Netherlands. They can be found here.


The costs for a PCR test including a certificate are Eur 149.95 per person. This amount can be paid per pin. For children under 18 you pay 25% less per child.

How does testing work?

You make an appointment for a test via our planning tool. Our doctor will collect material from you. The material is examined in our laboratory. You will receive the result and the COVID-19 PCR statement the same day around 10 p.m. Our doctor provides this statement. If you have any questions, please contact us at