PCR test for traveling to China

Gaat u op reis naar China? Een negatieve PCR test met verklaring is dan verplicht. Daarnaast moet er een IgM antistoffentest zijn afgenomen. Op deze pagina vindt u meer informatie over de COVID-19 test die nodig is voor China. Plan eenvoudig een afspraak in een van onze klinieken in Nederland. U ontvangt de uitslag inclusief reiscertificaat nog dezelfde dag.

Coronalab is door de Chinese Ambassade goedgekeurd om reiscertificaten te verstrekken. Voor China doen wij conform de eisen PCR + IgM test.

Eisen China aan PCR certificaat

Een negatieve PCR + IgM test met certificaat (non COVID verklaring) die niet ouder is dan 2 dagen voor vertrek (48 uur voor boarding) is verplicht.

Leeftijdsgrens testen

Kinderen van 0 jaar en ouder moeten getest zijn om China te kunnen betreden.

Indienen van certificaat

Zorg dat je de verklaring van jouw PCR-status bij je hebt als je gaat reizen. Daarnaast kan er voor vertrek een Exit/Entry Health Declaration Form gevraagd worden die middels een QR-code getoond moet kunnen worden. Meer informatie vindt u op de website van de Chinese Ambassade

IgM Duopakket China


We can determine on the basis of the COVID-19 PCR test if you are now infected with COVID-19. We use the serological IgM blood test to check whether you have had the virus.

  Includes English travel certificate
  RIVM/WHO validated tests
  16 clinics in The Netherlands
  Analyzed in own lab
  First in NL with PCR certificate
  Tens of thousands preceded you!

Coronatest voor China

Voor China is een COVID-19 PCR test nodig met een negatieve uitslag. De verklaring mag niet ouder zijn dan 48 uur voor boarding.

De situatie omtrent de coronatest voor China verandert regelmatig. Een actueel overzicht met alle eisen die een land stelt aan de coronatesten vindt u op de pagina van de International Air Transport Association (IATA). Deze organisatie houdt hier een overzicht bij van alle landen.

How does testing work?

You make an appointment for a test via our planning tool. Our doctor or nurse will collect material from you. The material is examined in our laboratory. You will always receive the result and the COVID-19 PCR statement on the same day around 10 PM. The statement is drawn up by our doctor. If you have any questions, please contact us at info@coronalab.eu.

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Waar kan ik de PCR test voor China afnemen?

Wij hebben 12 testlocaties voor PCR testen in Nederland. Zo is er altijd een testlocatie bij jou in de buurt. Op onze testlocaties pagina kun je hiervan een overzicht vinden en de locatie kiezen die het dichtste bij is. Vervolgens kun je voor die test locatie gemakkelijk een afspraak inplannen.

Frequently asked question about PCR tests

When will I get the results?

You will receive the results of your PCR test the same day around 10pm. If you didn't receive your result, please check your spambox or contact us at info@coronalab.eu

Will I receive a certificate with the result?

Coronalab offers a COVID-19 PCR certificate for travelers. This is a personal certificate and we will state the information on the PCR certificate that you provided us with when booking, as well as the test method. So check this carefully before you book. This also applies to the precise requirement in terms of PCR test method. Travelers are responsible for communicating the correct method.

We recommend that you always print the document and take it with you when traveling. More information can be found on our travel clinic page.

What time is stated on your certificate?
The certificate shows the time when the certificate was generated.
Is your PCR certificate valid everywhere?
We have been approved by the RIVM for the COVID-19 PCR tests and are allowed to perform these tests.

It may be that additional requirements are set. For example, China has made a selection of test locations. And some countries require a different test method. The traveler is responsible for checking whether the test method or other health statement is required for the country of destination.

We always recommend that you take a good look at the travel advice provided by the Dutch government and the information from your travel organization or airline. We also advise you to take a good look at the travel information and the status of your travel destination. They will notify you of any specific requirements that may be set. This is your responsibility and we do not provide travel advice.

You can find current information about the situation per country on the websites of the government, the National Coordination Center for Travel Advice, IATA and those of your travel organization and / or airline. The ANWB also provides a lot of information.

How can I make an appointment?
This can be done through our reservation system. Make an appointment at a test location of your choice.
Can I cancel my appointment?
Yes, this is possible up to 24 hours before your test appointment. You can do this yourself. More information about canceling can be found in Article 7 of our general terms and conditions.
Do I have to bring my passport or ID card?
If you wish to use your certificate for travel, please enter your passport or ID card number when booking. Then also bring your identification document to the appointment. We use your passport / ID number on the certificates and we must verify these travel documents. So don't forget to bring it with you.
How do I receive the results?
You will receive the results via secure email to the email address provided when booking.

We only call if the result is positive.

How long is the result valid?

Countries have different requirements with regard to the validity of a PCR test. More information can be found on our travel clinic page.

Always check the specific requirement for your destination. This way you avoid arriving with an expired statement. You are responsible for checking the entry restrictions for the destination country with the local authorities and the tour operator. This also applies to the test method that is required.

What language are the results in?

You will receive the results in English.

At which locations can I get tested?
At which locations can I get tested?

There are now 21 locations in the Netherlands where you can take a test. View the overview on our test locations page.

How is the PCR test administered?

We take the test by means of a throat and nose swab. This is in accordance with the RIVM guideline.

We don't do a gargle test. For some travelers, we do custom testing methods if the country and local authorities request it.

Should children be tested?
Yes. However, there are many differences between countries with regard to the age of PCR testing for children. We recommend that you check this carefully.
When will I be called if the result is positive?

If your result is positive our physician will call you within 24 hours. 

Coronalab.eu stands for quality

Same day result

At Coronalab.eu you will always get your test result and certificate the same day.

ISO certified

Microbe&Lab is ISO certified and run by a microbiologist. All tests are performed and verified by professionals

RIVM accredited

Our laboratory is accredited by the RIVM for Sars-CoV-2 diagnostics.

Privacy and GDPR

Coronalab.eu complies to all privacy and GDPR laws.

COVID-19 Priority PCR test

Several countries have made COVID-19 testing mandatory for people who want to enter the country. Coronalab helps travelers offer COVID-19 tests that we analyze with priority. This means you always have the results the same day.

How our healthcare professionals work

Our doctor or nurse will take some mucus with a throat and nasal swab. Our laboratory analyzes your material. The doctor will check the results and issue a certificate confirming your COVID-19 PCR status. This certificate is sent personally via secure e-mail.

What is a COVID-19 test?

We determine whether you are currently carrying the corona virus on the basis of a corona test. In countries with an entry restriction, this is necessary to avoid mandatory quarantine. There are different ways of testing. The PCR test is required for travel. Based on this test, we determine whether the virus is in the throat or nasal cavity.

Before you can travel, you must be able to submit a negative PCR test with a medical certificate of health. In some cases you have to send it in advance.

About Coronalab

Coronalab (Microbe & Lab) has an ISO certified laboratory at the Science park in Amsterdam. Our laboratory has been approved by the RIVM for COVID-19 PCR testing.

Experts in infectious diseases

Our company is managed by a Physician Microbiologist. Together with a team of scientists in the field of medical microbiology and infectious diseases, we do a lot of research on infectious diseases and we develop, certify and produce our own CE-IVD marked tests. We validate and implement these in hospitals in the Netherlands and abroad.

We have more than 10 years of experience in developing certified medical tests.

Need a quick result?

With us you always receive the results of your test the same day. Usually you will receive the result and the COVID-19 PCR certificate around 10 p.m., this can also be earlier. The certificate is signed by one of our doctors.


You can go to various Coronalab.eu locations in the Netherlands for a PCR test with a travel certificate. View the test locations available to you and book your appointment in our online booking tool.


The costs for a test including a certificate are Eur 139 per person. You can pay this in advance in our planning tool.