PCR test for travelling to Curaçao

Gaat u op reis naar Curaçao en wilt u weten welke corona maatregelen er gelden? Hier vindt u meer informatie over de COVID-19 test die wordt aanbevolen voor Curaçao. Er kunnen specifieke eisen van toepassing zijn zoals de geldigheid van de medische verklaring. U dient hier zelf goed naar te kijken.


A medical statement no older than 72 hours to enter and avoid quarantine.


Children from the age of 0 years must be tested.

Submit statement

The statement must be submitted in advance on dicardcuracao.com.

What test do I need to travel to Curaçao?

For this you choose a PCR test. This must be issued no more than 72 hours before departure.

When will I receive the results?

The same day, around 10 p.m. (if tested in the morning).

Can I make an appointment by phone?

No, that is not possible, use our agenda for this. We need personal information to complete the certificate.

On which days and times can I contact you?

Monday to Saturday between 08:30 and 12:00.

Can I schedule an appointment for several people?

Yes, you can add family members in our online planning tool.

COVID-19 test for Curaçao

For Curaçao, a COVID-19 PCR test with a medical certificate that is no older than 72 hours is necessary to enter the country and avoid quarantine. Children from 0 years must also be tested. We do NOT use the gargle test but a throat and nose swab that has been approved by the authorities.

For Curaçao you must upload your PCR test here.

The situation regarding the corona test for Curaçao changes every day. You can find an up-to-date overview of all the requirements that a country has for corona tests on the page of the International Air Transport Association (IATA). This organization maintains an overview of all countries.


Test by ISO certified and RIVM validated lab for COVID-19 PCR testing.


COVID-19 PCR certificate widely accepted. Many test locations in the Netherlands!


Tested in the morning before 11:30 am? Result the same day around 10 p.m.

What requirements must a corona test meet?

First of all, the result of the PCR test must be negative. If so, you will receive a health certificate from us that you can use when traveling. Pay attention to the validity of the document. Each country has different requirements for this. Especially the difference between the hours before departure and the hours before arrival for countries is a point of attention.

When booking the test in our booking tool, you can indicate which country you want to travel to. We ensure that the correct test is taken for the country of destination. Always take the test with you when you travel. In some countries, a digital proof is sufficient, for other countries a printed version is required. You are responsible for bringing and showing the correct document.

Where can I get tested?

View this special page for a complete overview of the test locations. We now have locations in Amsterdam, Zeist, Breda, Eindhoven, Zwolle, The Hague, Liempde, Hoogeveen and Hilversum. Tested in the morning? Then you will have the results the same day. Keep this in mind when planning the test.

Coronatest noodzakelijk?

Op deze pagina informeren we u over PCR-tests voor reizen naar het buitenland. U moet zelf beoordelen of de coronatest voor uw specifieke reis en verblijfsduur noodzakelijk is. Mocht u vragen hebben dan kunt u hiervoor contact met ons opnemen.

COVID-19 Priority PCR test

Several countries have made COVID-19 testing mandatory for people who want to enter the country. Coronalab helps travelers offer COVID-19 tests that we analyze with priority. As a result, if tested in the morning before 11:30 am, you will have the results the same day.

How our healthcare professionals work

Our doctor or nurse will take some mucus with a throat and nasal swab. Our laboratory analyzes your material. The doctor will check the results and make a certificate confirming your COVID-19 PCR status. This certificate is sent personally via secure e-mail.

What is a corona test?

We determine whether you are currently carrying the corona virus on the basis of a corona test. In countries with an entry restriction, this is necessary to avoid mandatory quarantine. There are different ways of testing. The PCR test is required for travel. Based on this test, we determine whether the virus is in the throat or nasal cavity.

Before you can travel, you must be able to submit a negative PCR test with a medical certificate of health. In some cases you have to send it in advance.

Over Coronalab

Coronalab (Microbe&Lab) beschikt over een ISO gecertificeerd laboratorium op het Science park in Amsterdam. Ons laboratorium is goedgekeurd door het RIVM voor COVID-19 PCR testen.

Experts in infectieziekten

Ons bedrijf wordt geleid door een Arts-Microbioloog. Samen met een team van wetenschappers op het gebied van medische microbiologie en infectieziekten doen we veel onderzoek naar infectieziekten en we ontwikkelen, certificeren en produceren onze eigen CE-IVD gemarkeerde testen. Deze valideren en implementeren we in ziekenhuizen in Nederland en daarbuiten.

We hebben meer dan 10 jaar ervaring in het ontwikkelen van gecertificeerde medische testen.

Need a quick result?

You can visit us in the morning (until 11.30 a.m.) and have the results with the COVID-19 PCR certificate signed by one of our doctors around 10 p.m. the same day.


You can go to various Coronalab.eu locations in the Netherlands for a PCR test with a travel certificate. View the test locations available to you and book your appointment in our online booking tool.


The costs for a test including a certificate are Eur 149.95 per person. You can pay this amount in advance in our planning tool.

How does testing work?

You make an appointment for a test via our planning tool. Our doctor or nurse will collect material from you. The material is examined in our laboratory. If you are tested in the morning before 11.30 am, you will receive the result and the COVID-19 PCR statement around 10 pm the same day. Our doctor provides this statement. If you have any questions, please contact us at info@coronalab.eu.