COVID-19 test for companies, healthcare and education

Coronalab offers reliable COVID-19 tests for employers. We do this with a fast service where we can contact employees quickly and often have the results the same day. With our COVID-19 tests, we help employees get back to work faster and we increase safety in the workplace. We also help companies with (in-company) screening of employees.


When purchasing >25 testen on invoice with booking codes. Less than 25 tests: pay directly online.

Testing in one of our clinics (with or without complaints)

Analyzed with priority in our lab. Results often available the same day. We also have antigen (rapid) tests

Own lab that has been validated by RIVM for COVID-19 PCR tests. Also suitable for your business trip.

Services fully in accordance with GDPR legislation

Why do we test?

COVID-19 has a significant impact on organizations. As an employer, you want to get your employees back to work safely and healthily as soon as possible. Testing your employees can make an important contribution to this. Coronalab offers a high-quality COVID-19 PCR test (PCR test has been validated by the RIVM) and a fast test procedure (no rapid tests). This way your employees can come to us quickly and often have the results the same day.

When to test?

We are doing this test to see if employees currently have a COVID-19 infection. With our COVID-19 testing procedure, employees with mild symptoms can go to Coronalab. These are employees who can participate in the work process with a negative PCR test. You should therefore not have serious complaints. We also help companies with screening or random testing to detect a COVID-19 infection early. People do not have to have any complaints for this.

How does it work?

In the infographic below we explain our COVID-19 services. We use a PCR test to test whether employees are now carrying the COVID-19 virus. Our COVID-19 PCR test is of high quality and approved by the RIVM.

Take less than 25 tests? Then you book directly via (“no booking code”) our booking tool. So you buy a separate PCR test and pay online.

25+ tests

Do you want to test more than 25 employees? Then request booking codes for your employees. With a booking code, your employees can easily book online themselves and they do not have to pay in the clinic.

Testing in clinic

You can easily have your employees tested in our clinic in Amsterdam or one of our other locations. Book directly through our booking tool

Analysis in the lab

The test is analyzed in our lab.

Tests before 11:30 am* will receive the results the same day.

Test after 11:30 am the next day.

* The time in the morning varies by location.



The results will be shared with your employee via secure e-mail. – Result negative? Your employee can return to work. – Result positive? In the context of the notification requirement, our doctor reports the positive test to the GGD and the RIVM (Dutch CDC). Follow  the guidelines of the RIVM.

Testing in the clinic

Employees can have themselves tested at one of our test locations in the Netherlands (coronalab.eu locations and Medicina R’dam). This gives a lot of flexibility for the company and the employees. We make an agreement with the company about how we facilitate this. If employees are tested in the morning before 11.30 am (in A’dam Science Park this is 1 pm), the results will be available the same day. Otherwise, the results will follow around 10 p.m. the next day.

On-site testing

In consultation we can plan one (or more) test moments on location. Our doctor or nurse will then come to the location with the test materials. A group of employees can then have themselves tested here. The tests are then immediately taken to our own laboratory and analyzed with priority. Depending on the test moment, the results are available the same day before 10 p.m. or the day after before 10 p.m.

Testing by a company doctor

If a company doctor or Health Safety Officer is present, we also help analyze tests that have been conducted ourselves. Our doctor can also give a brief instruction for this. The samples are then sent in batch to our laboratory in Amsterdam, after which you will receive the results on the agreed date. This is often the same day before 10 p.m. or the day after the test around 10 p.m.

Quality and GDPR

ISO certified

Microbe & Lab has an ISO certified laboratory at the Science Park in Amsterdam.

RIVM approved lab

Our lab has been approved by RIVM for COVID-19 PCR testing. Here you will find our certificate from the RIVM.


We have more than 10 years of experience in developing medical tests for infectious diseases. We also employ a medical microbiologist.

Privacy & GDPR

The results we generate are sent exclusively via secure email. We use Office 365.

Business traveling (extra service for booking codes)

Have you or one of your employees planned a trip abroad? Many countries have entry restrictions and require a COVID-19 PCR test upon entry. We also offer a PCR certificate for the PCR test that is widely accepted internationally. We have already helped more than 15,000 travelers obtain a PCR certificate. We also test employees who return from risk areas. Make sure you fill in your passport or ID number when making the appointment.
Note: an antigen quick(test) is almost always not a valid test for traveling to other countries.

PCR tests for business travel, results the same day

Frequently Asked Questions

I want to order more than 25 tests for my employees, does my employee have to pay on location?

No. You will receive a series of booking codes from us after your order and signing of the agreement. These booking codes have 9 unique number and letter combinations. An employee who entered the booking code when scheduling the appointment does not have to pay at the clinic.

What does a booking code cost?

The booking code costs 110 euros excluding VAT for companies. For organizations in healthcare and education we offer the PCR test for 100 euros excluding VAT. The price remains the same at 25 units. A volume discount is possible from 200 booking codes.

Can I also make a test appointment without a booking code?

Yes, anyone can book a test online “through private”. Companies can also register employees here for a PCR test and pay online.

How do I make an appointment with a booking code?

The test procedure:

  1. You make an appointment via https://coronalab.eu/test-plan-bedrijven/
  2. You select the “PCR test companies (only with booking codes)” and a time in the online calendar.
  3. Fill in your details in the application form. You may enter the booking code. This starts, for example, with ABCD- followed by a unique code of 9 characters.
  4. You confirm the appointment and receive a confirmation email with the time and location.
  5. You will arrive at the test location at the agreed time and follow the instructions in the confirmation email and at the test location.
  6. The result of your test will be sent to the employee’s e-mail address via secure e-mail.
Can cancel in my test appointment?

Yes, but up to 24 hours before your test appointment. This can be done by email to info@coronalab.eu.

Who do and don't we test?

Coronalab offers the quick test procedure for employers. The aim is therefore to get people back to work faster and to keep companies open. This means that we only test people who have mild / mild symptoms (eg snot nose). If the test is negative, people can go back to work.

Our goal is NOT to test people who have a lot of complaints (high fever, shortness of breath, etc.), also because these people do not go to work with a negative test. We request this target group to go to the GGD and make an appointment via coronatest.nl. Our employees will point this out to you and may refuse people.

Who performs the corona test?

At the Coronalab.eu locations we work with healthcare professionals such as doctors and nurses. We are supported in this by interns. All results are confirmed by one of our doctors.

How is the test administered?

For the PCR test we take a throat and nose swab. This is in accordance with the RIVM guidelines.

We do adapted testing methods for travelers if the country and local authorities request it. We ask travelers to look carefully at the testing method for their destination themselves. This can differ per country.

What time will I get the results?

The results will be sent by secure email around 10 p.m.

On busy days it may happen that the test result is slightly delayed. We will indicate this on the website.

If for whatever reason you do not receive the result, please send a message to info@coronalab.eu. Our helpdesk is ready to assist you.

GDPR and quality assurance

Positive PCR results will be communicated to the individual by our physician. We then report this in accordance with the legal reporting obligation on COVID-19 with the local GGD and RIVM.

The results that we generate are exclusively and only e-mailed to the clients via secure e-mail / environment. the GDPR rules. We use Office 365 with ZIVVER as a backup system. You will not receive any other emails from us about results. If you have any doubts about the e-mail or the content of the message, please contact us by telephone.

Personal data will be deleted within 14 days. See more information in our privacy statement at the bottom of the website.

Is Coronalab a certified lab for COVID-19

Yes. Coronalab is a laboratory validated by the RIVM for conducting COVID-19 RT-PCR tests. You can find our declaration of performance here. This means that our PCR test has successfully completed a number of validation steps and meets the quality criteria set by RIVM.

As a result, the GGD accepts our results and, unlike many other commercial test lines, you do not have to do a retest at the GGD.

Are the COVID-19 tests reliable and of good quality?

Yes. All corona tests that we use have a CE mark. In addition, the tests are conducted by healthcare professionals and a doctor is always available for medical matters. Coronalab.eu also employs a physician-microbiologist who can be consulted. For our PCR tests we have been approved by the RIVM and are one of the validated labs. https://lci.rivm.nl/covid-19/bijlage/aanvullend

My employee has tested positive for corona. What now?

If Coronalab tests an employee positive for COVID-19, our doctor will report this to the local GGD and RIVM.

It may also be the case that the company doctor or medical service passes the positive test. However, this is clearly laid down in the cooperation agreement.

Is there a risk of contamination in the workplace through contacts of an employee? Then a protocol of the GGD comes into effect. That protocol determines which measures are taken. In consultation, Coronalab can provide support with possible screening of employees who have been in contact with the infected person. Please contact us for this.

When will my employee be called if the test is positive?

If the result is positive, your employee will always be called within 24 hours. We do this with an anonymous number. The result has already been announced by e-mail.

Can I test my employee for the corona virus?

The COVID-19 PCR test is administered by a (company) doctor. This can be done at our clinic or on location. The doctor will only share the result with the employee and will take measures with regard to possible positive cases. In neither case does the employee have to share the result. If someone has a positive (Corona-NU) test, we are obliged by law to report this to the regional GGD and the RIVM.

What can you as an employer do for your employees?

RIVM (Dutch CDC) has given instructions on how to deal with contacts at work and with customers. You are expected to follow these instructions. You can address employees about this.

How does a PCR test work?

A COVID-19 PCR test determines whether you are currently carrying the Coronavirus. We use a throat and nose swab to see if the COVID-19 virus is in the nose-pharynx.

Why not a blood test?

In the blood (serological test) we see from any antibodies that you have had the virus. This does not allow us to determine whether you are currently carrying the virus.

Commercial corona test

Coronalab provides commercial corona tests (PCR) for companies, educational institutions and healthcare institutions.