Frequently asked questions

COVID-19 tests for travellers

When will I get the results?

If you have been tested in the morning before 11.30 am, you will receive the results at Coronalab around 10 pm on the same day. It may therefore be that the results are there before 10 p.m., but on busy days it can also be a little later.

At the other locations you will also receive the results the same day if you are tested in the morning. The times may vary per location due to logistics, so check this carefully.

If you are tested in the afternoon, you will receive the results the next day around 10 p.m.

How can I make an appointment?

This can be done via our reservation system directly at Coronalab in Amsterdam or at one of our other locations.

Can I cancel my appointment?

Yes, this is possible up to 48 hours before your test appointment. You can do this yourself. More information about canceling can be found in Article 7 of our general terms and conditions.

Do I have to bring my passport or ID card?

Yes. We use your passport / ID number on the result and we must verify these travel documents. So don’t forget to bring it with you. A driving license is therefore not sufficient.

How long is the result valid?

This differs per country. Internationally we see that the COVID-19 PCR test with the statement is often valid for up to 7 days. Countries have different requirements with regard to the validity of a PCR test. Always check the specific requirement for your destination. This way you avoid arriving with an expired statement.

At which locations can it be tested?

At the Coronalab.eu locations in Amsterdam, Hilversum, Liempde, Breda, The Hague, Hoogeveen and Zwolle. Or at our partners in Utrecht and Rotterdam.

Do you also use antigen (rapid) tests for travelers?

No. At the moment we only use the antigen (rapid) tests for people with symptoms. This is in line with the OMT advice of 12-10-2020. The antigen (rapid) tests have not yet been validated for travelers (people without symptoms). If this does happen, we will also apply this test for this target group.

How are tests administered?

PCR test
We take the test with a throat and nose swab. This is in accordance with the RIVM guideline.

We don’t do a gargle test. For some travelers, we do custom testing methods if the country and local authorities request it.

Serology test
We use a blood test to show if you’ve had Corona. We do this with a few drops of blood. In the laboratory we investigate whether you have produced IgG antibodies against SARS-CoV-2. This way we can see if you have already had the virus.

What language are the results in?

You will receive the results in English.

Should children be tested?

Yes. However, there are many differences between countries with regard to the age of PCR testing for children. We recommend that you check this carefully.

Our doctors take your child into account during testing. We understand that it is exciting for your child. Prepare your child for it as well as possible.

What are the costs and how can I pay?

The costs depend on the test you need. The current prices can be found in our planning tool.

In the clinic you can pay with PIN (or credit card) and to a limited extent with cash.

You can easily pay for our online tests with iDEAL and PayPal (not for travel).

The test result

Will I receive a certificate with the result?


Coronalab offers a COVID-19 PCR certificate for travelers. This is a personal certificate and we will state the information on the PCR certificate that you provided us with when booking, as well as the test method. So check this carefully before you book. This also applies to the precise requirement in terms of PCR test method. Travelers are responsible for communicating the correct method.

We recommend that you always print the document and take it with you when traveling.

Is your PCR certificate valid everywhere?

You are often asked for the PCR certificate from a lab that has been approved. We have been approved by the RIVM for the COVID-19 PCR tests and are allowed to perform these tests.

It may be that additional requirements are set. For example, China has made a selection of test locations. And some countries require different test method. The traveler is responsible for checking whether the test method or other health statement is required for the country of destination.

We always recommend that you take a good look at the travel advice provided by the Dutch government and the information from your travel organization or airline. We also advise you to take a good look at the travel information and status of your travel destination. They will notify you of any specific requirements that may be set. This is your responsibility and we do not provide travel advice.

You can find current information about the situation per country on the websites of the government, the National Coordination Center for Travel Advice, IATA and those of your travel organization and / or airline. The ANWB also provides a lot of information.

What time is noted on your certificate?

The certificate shows the time when the certificate was generated.

How do I receive the results?

You will receive the results via secure e-mail to the e-mail address provided when booking.

We only call if the result is positive.

When will I be called if the result is positive?

If the result is positive, you will be called within 24 hours. We do this with an anonymous number.

I can't open the result, what should I do?

For privacy reasons, the results will be sent to you in a secure email. With most email providers you will see a blue button with the text “Read message”. Clicking on this will open a new browser window. Then click on “log in with one-time password”. You will then receive a second email containing a code with which you can log in and view the results.

With providers such as Gmail, Hotmail, Office365, security is automatic. In this case, you only have to click on “read message” and the result will open immediately.

If it still doesn’t work, please send us an email. We are available for emergencies until 11:30 pm.


Is Coronalab allowed by the RIVM to take the corona test?

Yes, we are a laboratory for COVID-19 diagnostics validated by the RIVM. This means that we have been checked by RIVM and that we meet the set criteria. Here you will find our certificate of competence. We are also listed in the RIVM guideline.

Is it certain that I am not having COVID-19 if I test negative?

The COVID-19 PCR test is a snapshot and does not give a complete guarantee that you are actually ‘negative’. It may be that no virus is detected, but you have nevertheless become infected with the virus. The test may give a different result at different times because, for example, you are in the incubation period. Always adhere to current measures (1.5 meters distance, wash hands, mouth mask, etc.).

Do I have to stay sober for the test?

No. You can eat and drink just anything. Taking a throat swab does cause some irritation in the throat for some people.

What is the Coronavirus?

The new coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) causes the disease COVID-19. In the beginning, the complaints often resemble a cold. The disease can cause severe pneumonia, which can sometimes kill people.

What are the symptoms of the coronavirus?

Most people experience a feeling of flu and have complaints such as cold, runny nose, sneezing, sore throat, mild cough, increase, fatigue, fever and / or chest tightness. SARS-CoV-2 differs from the well-known coronaviruses that occur in humans. A reduction in smell and taste is also common. More information can be found on the RIVM site.

Why can't I go to the GGD for tests?

For travelers:
In the Netherlands, the GGD only tests people who have complaints. People who travel often have no complaints and therefore cannot go to the GGD. In addition, the GGD does not issue a COVID-19 PCR certificate in case of a negative test, which is requested by many countries.

How reliable are the tests?

We think it is important that our tests are not only accessible, but also as reliable as possible. That is why we only offer approved laboratory tests that are performed by expert personnel. Our laboratory is ISO certified. This means that we are regularly checked for quality and professionalism and that we always pass these checks well.

We analyze the Corona-NU test with a so-called PCR technique (gold standard). This is the same technique that the RIVM and GGD also use. Our laboratory is also a RIVM validated laboratory for SARS-CoV-2 diagnostics

The Corona-Gehad test measures whether you have antibodies against the corona virus. We use CE-IVD certified tests and have validated them internally and externally. We use two ELISA tests with a sensitivity and specificity between 96-100% for our target group (see above “when can I test”). These correspond to the criteria set by experts for antibody tests for this application.

If the test is “positive”, we will do another independent test to make sure you really have antibodies. This may cause the result to take longer.

Will I be reimbursed for the test from the health insurance company?

As far as we know, there is no standard fee for corona testing. There is a reimbursement if the PCR test is part of, for example, an operation that must be performed abroad.

The tests

Who is the PCR test for?

For travelers:
A number of countries have a mandatory PCR test as part of the travel restrictions. You can contact us for a PCR test and a COVID-19 PCR statement. This is provided by our own ISO certified and RIVM validated laboratory. The PCR statement is always signed by a doctor. With this you can travel.

For employees / employers:
Coronalab also tests employees if they have no symptoms, mild symptoms, or if they have been in contact with a positive tested person. 

Why should I take a serological test?

Not everyone in the Netherlands is tested. Many people who have recently had complaints (at least 14 days after the last symptoms) would like to know whether they have had the corona virus. This information can provide more peace and security. In addition, we believe that a corona test should be accessible to everyone.

For the time being it is not 100% clear whether people who have had SARS-CoV-2 are also immune. We therefore simply advise people to adhere to the applicable measures of the RIVM.

Am I immune if my Corona-Gehad test is positive?

For the time being it is not 100% clear whether people who have had SARS-CoV-2 are also immune. We therefore simply advise people to adhere to the applicable measures of the RIVM.

Do you use a self-test?

No. Self-testing means that you can do the test YOURSELF at home and also get a result AT HOME (eg a pregnancy test is a self-test). In this case, no laboratory or doctor is involved. The tests are as yet unreliable and not suitable for home use. The IGJ therefore prohibits self-tests that do not have CE certification in the Netherlands. The Corona-Gehad test is a laboratory test because the test and analysis takes place in our laboratory. You collect some bodily material yourself (a few drops of blood or a throat swab) and send it to our laboratory for analysis. Our laboratory is ISO certified and expert employees carry out the test. The medical microbiologist checks the results and shares them with you via a secure portal. The advantage is that you only have to take the test back in the mail. Very handy in these times!

Do you use the gargle test?

No, we use the throat swab and / or a throat and nose swab. The gargle test is insufficiently reliable and is not accepted by all countries.


Is my result anonymous?

For the PCR test you need personal information such as your first and last name, e-mail address, date of birth and telephone number. We use this to create and send the PCR certificate. If you are tested positive, we also want to be able to call you. We act in accordance with the GDPR and results are sent via secure e-mail. If positive, we will pass on the positive test result to the GGD and RIVM. We are obliged to do this in the context of the legal reporting obligation of COVID-19. For more information about data processing, please refer to our privacy statement. The results of the Corona-Gehad test that you order online are completely anonymous. We don’t know who we are testing. You are the only one with that code, so keep the code card safe!

What happens with my data?

We need a number of data to be able to perform our services. For example, we need your contact details and postal address to send the test to you and to process the payment. Your data will be deleted 6 weeks after your order. The data is stored on secure servers that meet the requirements set for us under the GDPR.

Will my data be shared with the RIVM?

If a traveler or employee is tested positive for COVID-19, we are legally obliged to report this to the regional GGD and the RIVM.

If you have purchased the serological test (Corona-Gehad), we NEVER share data with third parties without explicit permission. In contrast to a positive PCR test, we are not legally obliged to report a positive result to the GGD and / or RIVM for the serological test.

In the context of scientific research into, for example, building up group immunity, we also want to contribute to eliminating COVID-19. In the results portal you will also find a questionnaire with a number of questions about the complaints and symptoms you have or have had. We want to share these insights with RIVM so that we can contribute to keeping the corona virus under control in the Netherlands.

Participation in this survey is completely voluntary! We use this data completely anonymous and therefore cannot be traced back to your personal data.

Home test

Which tests can I order for at home?

You can order the blood test or serological test that determines whether you have had Corona at home. You can find the test here.

PCR tests are performed by healthcare professionals and are not suitable for home use.

Why should I buy a home test?

We offer a self-sampling test. So it is not a home test.

In view of government measures, it is easier and safer to collect the material at home. The test and analysis takes place in the laboratory.

Tests that give the results at home are as yet unreliable and prohibited. The test and analysis takes place in our laboratory. Our laboratory is ISO certified and expert employees carry out the test. The medical microbiologist checks the results and shares them with you via a secure portal. The advantage is that you only have to take the test back in the mail. Very handy in these times!

When will my order be shipped?

If you have placed your order before 10:30 PM, your package will be shipped the same day. With the order you will receive a track & trace code with which you can follow the package exactly.

Our partner DHL says it is very busy. At the moment we also experience some delays in the postal system. It may therefore take a little longer before you receive the test. We try to ship everything as soon as possible. If you have any questions, please contact us.

Can I return the test?

If the products do not meet your expectations, you can return them within 7 working days, if unused and in original packaging. All return shipments must be made known to us in writing in advance. This is allowed by e-mail. You must state your full name and invoice number. Please note: the account number you specify for the refund must be the same as the account number from which you made the payment to Coronalab.eu. This is to prevent possible fraud with refunds.

Steps to return:

Send an email to info@coronalab.eu and state what you want to return and your order number.
You will receive a return form by email.
Fill in the return form, print it out and send it with the return shipment.
Pay attention! You are responsible for ensuring that the item arrives intact, unused and in its original packaging.

When will I get the results?

We strive to give everyone a result within 2 working days of receipt at our laboratory, but we depend, among other things, on the speed of PostNL. Also take into account any delay that PostNL has due to the situation and the applicable restrictions.

Once your test has been received at our laboratory, the progress can be followed on our website with your unique code.