PCR + IgM Duo pack

At Coronalab you can also go for the duo package consisting of a PCR test and a serological IgM antibody test (blood test). You can take the tests (separately) at one of our clinics. You will receive a travel certificate from us with your COVID-19 status.

What are the costs?

The costs of an IgM Duo Package China including certificates are € 195.00 including VAT. The Serology test IgM costs €126 and the PCR test €69. You can easily schedule these tests separately.

When will the result come?

You can request the results of the test the same day. When the material has been collected, it is taken to our laboratory. Here it is analyzed. The analysis takes 4 to 8 hours. We analyze our PCR tests with priority. Often the results come in around 23:00, this can also be earlier. You will also receive the results of the IgM test around 11 p.m.