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Looking for a PCR test in Breda to be able to travel abroad? Coronalab.eu is specialized in administering Corona tests with a medical certificate for travelers. You need a test including a health certificate if you travel to a country with an entry restriction. Countries are doing this to prevent the new coronavirus from spreading further.


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What is a PCR test needed for?

Because some countries see our country as an increased risk when it comes to importing the virus, a health certificate is required. You can find which countries these are at the moment on our country list on the travel advice page . An entry restriction applies to these countries (often code orange) and with this a country wants to prevent the virus from spreading unnecessarily further among the population.

Entry restrictions are being imposed to prevent infected people from entering the country. You must then be able to submit a health certificate in these countries to avoid mandatory quarantine in the country of destination. This consists of a statement from a doctor stating that you do not currently have the virus. We determine this on the basis of the PCR test taken in Breda.

How does the PCR test in Breda work?

The PCR test is administered with a throat and nose swab. A cotton swab is used to remove material. We store the collected material. The material is tested the same day in our lab in Amsterdam. This is how we determine whether you are currently carrying the virus.

The results of the PCR test in Breda

If you have not been diagnosed with the coronavirus, and you have tested negative for COVID-19, you will receive a medical statement from us that you can use to travel to the country of destination. You must take this document with you during your trip. In some cases you have to upload it to a special website before arrival. View our country list on the travel advice page to view all destination specific requirements.

What if I have Corona?

If the test shows that you are currently carrying the virus, then according to the RIVM guidelines have to be quarantined. Unfortunately, you will not be able to travel to the country of destination and we will not be able to prepare a health declaration for you.

How long is the certificate valid for?

For most countries, a health certificate is valid for 72 hours. Some countries use 48 hours and others use 96 hours. So it is important to check this carefully. There is also a difference between validity before departure and validity before arrival. For some countries you also have to take the travel time into account. This is added. More information can be found on our travel advice page . Are you stuck? Feel free to send us a message info@coronalab.eu.

Same day results

Because for many destinations the validity of a test is limited to a few days or even a few hours, you can request the results the same day after taking a PCR test in Breda. Usually the results come in around 10 PM. You will receive an email when the result is ready.


PCR test


incl. free travel certificate
Always the same day results
Analyzed in our own lab

How does the PCR test work in the clinic?

You make an appointment for a test via our planning tool. Our doctor or nurse will collect material from you. The material is examined in our laboratory. You can always request the results and the COVID-19 PCR statement on the same day around 11 p.m. The statement is drawn up by our doctor. If you have any questions, please contact info@coronalab.eu.

COVID-19 PCR test in Breda, same day results

Several countries have made COVID-19 testing mandatory for people who want to enter the country. Coronalab helps travelers offer COVID-19 tests that we analyze with priority. This means you always have the results the same day .

How our healthcare professionals in Breda work

During the corona test in Breda, our doctor or nurse will take some mucus through a throat and nasal swab. Our laboratory analyzes the material. The doctor checks the results and creates a certificate that confirms your COVID-19 PCR status.

What is a corona test?

Based on the corona test taken in Breda, we determine whether you are currently carrying the corona virus. In countries with an entry restriction, this is necessary to avoid mandatory quarantine. There are different ways of testing. For travel, the PCR test is required. On the basis of this test, we determine whether the virus is in the pharynx or nasal cavity.

Before you can travel, you must be able to submit a negative PCR test with a medical certificate. In some cases you have to send these in advance.

About Coronalab

Coronalab (Microbe&Lab) has an ISO certified laboratory at the Science Park in Amsterdam. Our laboratory is approved by the RIVM for COVID-19 PCR testing.

Infectious Disease Experts

Our companyis led by a Physician-Microbiologist. Together with a team of scientists in the field of medical microbiology and infectious diseases, we do a lot of research into infectious diseases and we develop, certify and produce our own CE-IVD marked tests. We validate and implement these in hospitals in the Netherlands and abroad.

We have over 10 years of experience developing certified medical tests.

Need fast results?

You can always request the results of your test from us the same day. You will receive an email from us when this is ready. Usually you will receive this around 11 pm, this can also be earlier. The certificate is signed by one of our doctors.


In addition to taking a PCR test in Breda, you can go to various other Coronalab.eu locations in the Netherlands for a PCR test with travel certificate. View the test locations and book your appointment in our online booking tool .

Cost of a PCR test in Breda

The costs for a test including a certificate are EUR 69 per person. You pay this amount in advance in our planning tool .

Important Resources

The RIVM website provides a lot of information about COVID-19. You can also consult the website of the government of the destination country. Current information about the situation per country can be found on the websites of the government , the National Coordination Center for Travelers Advice , IATA and those of your travel organization and/or airline. The ANWB also provides a lot of information.

Central government travel advice

We always advise you to take a good look at the travel advice given by the Dutch government . Also make sure you follow the information from your travel company or airline. They will inform you of specific requirements that may be made. We also advise you to take a good look at the travel information and the state of affairs of your travel destination.