What does a corona test cost?

How much does a corona test cost? The costs of a corona test depend on the test you need. At Coronalab we have three types of tests that you can take. The PCR test , the (antigen) rapid test and the serological test . The latter is not suitable for seeing whether you have corona at the time of testing, but to see whether you have had corona in the past. All tests include a free certificate. View the costs of the different types of tests below.

Tested with priority. Always including certificate.

quick test


Results within two hours
Under the supervision of a doctor
incl. free travel certificate

PCR test


Results within 24 hours
Analyzed in our own laboratory
incl. free travel certificate

Serological test


Analyzed in our own laboratory
Always the same day results
incl. free certificate

What does a PCR test cost?

Curious about the costs of a PCR test? The PCR test is the most reliable test you can have. At Coronalab a PCR test costs € 69, these costs include a travel certificate. You always get the results within 24 hours. Coronalab is the only commercial tester to have its own laboratory, here all our tests are analyzed and checked by a physician.

What does a rapid antigen test cost?

Looking for the cost of a quick test? With the rapid test you know very quickly whether you are currently carrying the coronavirus (Sars-CoV-2). A rapid test costs less than a PCR test, because the PCR test involves an analysis in our laboratory. The quick test gives results on location. At Coronalab, a quick test costs € 39. The test is always supervised by one of our doctors and the travel certificate is included in this price.
Please note: there are already a number of countries that accept the rapid test to enter the country, but this is far from the case everywhere. Always check this well in advance.

How much does a serological test cost?

What is the cost for a serological test? The serological test is a blood test that checks for corona antibodies in your blood. These are visible for the test approximately 2-3 weeks after infection. A serological test costs € 49 at Coronalab. The results of the test are always checked by a doctor and are sent via a secure email. We also offer a serological test at home, where you can take the material at home. The analysis is performed in our lab. The costs for this serological test can be found here .