Corona rapid test

Coronalab offers COVID-19 antigen (rapid) tests for companies, schools and individuals, which means that results are possible within 2 hours. If the result is negative, employees can now return to work even faster. The antigen rapid test is not validated for travelers.

Coronalab uses rapid antigen testing from SD Biosensor and Roche. They are approved by the RIVM and meet the WHO requirements. See here.

Within 2 hours result trough secured system

Quick testing at our test locations and at organizations

Services fully in accordance with GDPR legislation

RIVM/WHO approved (quick) antigen testing

What is a quick test?

What is a corona rapid test?
A rapid test (antigen test) allows us to quickly test whether someone is carrying the COVID-19 virus. You will have the results within 2 hours.

Coronalab uses the COVID-19 Standard F-Covid Ag test from SD Biosensor and the SARS-CoV-2 Rapid Antigen Test from Roche. These have been approved by the WHO and meet the requirement of the RIVM for use in the Netherlands. The test is CE certified and is only administered by healthcare professionals.

How does the test work?

The test measures whether certain virus proteins are present in the collected test material. For this we use a nasopharyngeal swab. For a reliable result it is important that the collection of the material and the reading of the test result are done correctly. Our healthcare professionals help with this.

The result

When the material has been taken, we can test immediately. The results are available quickly. The result must be checked by a doctor and sent via a secure environment. You will therefore have the result after about 2 hours.

How is the test used?

For the time being, we only use the quick tests for people with symptoms. Validation studies show good results for this target group and have been approved. The test is therefore not offered for all target groups, such as for travelers. Corona rapid tests are not approved by countries as a travel test. Only the PCR test is suitable for this.

What is the difference with a PCR test?

he PCR test is the gold standard. This is because the PCR test is very sensitive and also detects lower virus levels. However, we need our laboratory for the PCR test and the results often take a little longer.

We do not need a laboratory for a COVID-19 rapid test. We can perform this test in our clinic and the results will be available quickly.

How does testing work?

An antigen (rapid) test allows us to quickly test whether someone is carrying the COVID-19 virus. At Coronalab.eu, the results always follow, in accordance with the GDPR, via a secure environment.

Testing in the clinic

COVID-19 quick test in our clinic

Choose a Coronalab.eu testlocation naar keuze en ga naar de planningstool voor het plannen van een afspraak met uw boekingscode.

Schedule an appointment

Choose the ‘Quick test’ and fill in your details. You fill in your details and receive a confirmation by email with instructions about your visit.

Administration and result

Come to the test appointment at the agreed time and take the test. The test is ready within 10 minutes. The results will follow within 2 hours.

Testing at location

Request a test

Complete the on-site testing request form. We will contact you.

Schedule an appointment

Our doctor or nurse will come to the location with the necessary rapid tests. We will take a nasopharyngeal swab from your employees and then perform the rapid test.

Immediate result

The test is ready within 10 minutes and your employee will receive the result within 2 hours in a secure environment.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Corona quick test?

An antigen (rapid) test is a method in which material is tested for the presence of virus proteins. No laboratory is required to perform the test and the results are quickly available after our quality control.

Who is the test for?

De antigeen (snel)test is momenteel alleen gevalideerd voor mensen met symptomen. Voor deze doelgroep geven verschillende antigeen (snel)testen een betrouwbaar resultaat. 

What is the difference with a PCR test?

The PCR test is the gold standard. The test is very sensitive and detects both high and low concentrations of the virus (Ct values). However, the PCR test can only be done in a laboratory and many materials are required.

With the quick test you also use a swab and add this with a little buffer on a small cassette. No laboratory is required for the rapid test and the results will follow within 30 minutes. Studies show that the rapid test detects lower concentrations of the virus less well than the PCR test.

How is the test administered?

The rapid test is administered via a nasopharyngeal swab. The doctor or nurse will take these from you. It is important that this is taken in the correct manner in order to generate a reliable result.

Do I have to wait on location for the results?

No. We want to have as few people as possible at the locations. You will go home immediately after the collection. The result of the quick test follows via a secure environment by e-mail.

What does the test cost?

De sneltest kan met de boekingscodes worden gepland via ons online reserveringssysteem. De prijzen vindt u terug in onze overeenkomst.

Where can I take a quick test or have it taken?

From Thursday 22 October we will start the rapid tests at our locations in Liempde, Hilversum and Zeist. The quick test will soon be available at all coronalab.eu locations. You can see where the test is available via our online booking tool.

When will I receive the result of the quick test?

The results are available within 2 hours. This is due to our internal quality control and the sending of the results via the secure environment. No results will be shared on the spot or orally.

Can a quick test be used for travel?

Nee. De Corona sneltest is vooralsnog niet gevalideerd voor dit gebruik (asymptomatische mensen). We gebruiken voor reizigers dus momenteel alleen de PCR test.