Take a corona rapid test in Rotterdam

Looking for a corona rapid test in Rotterdam ? A rapid test, also called an antigen test, is designed to quickly test whether someone is carrying the COVID-19 virus. Coronalab.eu is specialized in taking these tests where you two hours to get the results. You can request the results via a secure environment. Getting the result of the rapid test takes two hours because a doctor checks the result first. Easily and quickly make an appointment online to take an antigen rapid test at Coronalab at Bergweg 180 in Rotterdam. Coronalab uses the Roche SD Biosensor antigen rapid test to administer the rapid test. They have been approved by the RIVM and the national government and meet the WHO requirements.

Schedule your appointment immediately for a quick test in Rotterdam

through our booking tool you can immediately make an appointment at one of our clinics in Rotterdam. You can often visit the same day. You can always request the results within two hours. You will receive an email from us when your test result is ready in the secure environment. Do not forget to bring your ID card or passport to the clinic. A driver’s license is not enough.

Useful information for the antigen test in Rotterdam:

  • Address: Bergweg 180, 3036 BL Rotterdam.
  • Quick test result : To be requested within two hours.
  • Rapid test used : Roche SD Biosensor SARS-CoV-2 Rapid Antigen Nasal Test.
  • Don’t forget : Your passport or ID card.
  • Cancellation : Free up to 24 hours before the start of the test.

quick test

€ 39,00

Binnen twee uur uitslag
  Onder supervisie van arts
  Incl. gratis reiscertificaat

PCR test

€ 69,00

Altijd binnen 24 uur uitslag
Geanalyseerd in eigen lab
Incl. gratis reiscertificaat

Location data Rotterdam


Rotterdam Old North

Bergweg 180
3036 BL Rotterdam


Open from

Monday to Sunday
5:30 – 8:30 p.m.

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€ 39,00

With the COVID-19 antigen rapid test in Rotterdam you will have results within 2 hours whether you are infected .

Results within two hours
RIVM/WHO validated tests
Roche / Biosensor testing
23 clinics in the Netherlands
Result with English certificate
Checked by doctor

What does the corona rapid test cost in Rotterdam?

A rapid test in Rotterdam and all other Coronalab clinics costs € 39 including VAT. You can easily make an appointment online via our booking tool at a location near you.

Take an antigen test in Rotterdam?

Do you want to know quickly whether you are infected with the coronavirus? With the corona rapid test in Rotterdam you will know within two hours whether you are carrying the virus. This takes a little longer than with other test streets because we have the taken test checked by a doctor. Reliability of the result is the most important thing for us. Through this check we try to ensure that you get the correct result at all times. It is not necessary to wait for the results in our clinic, you can request the results within two hours in a secure environment, in accordance with the AVG legislation. Easily make an appointment online via our booking tool.

Take business quick tests

It is also possible to take business tests with us. You can purchase booking codes for this. Via the button below you will find more information about our business tests.

What is a corona rapid test?

A corona rapid test or antigen test measures whether certain virus proteins are present in sampled test material. For this we use a nasopharyngeal swab. For a reliable result it is important that the removal of the material and the reading of the test result is done correctly. Our trained care employees ensure that the material is collected and processed correctly.

When will I receive the results of the rapid test in Rotterdam?

The results of the rapid test in Rotterdam are available within 2 hours. This is due to our internal quality control. The results are always checked by a doctor. By working in a secure environment, our services are fully in line with the AVG legislation. So you don’t have to wait on location for the results. No results will be shared on the spot or verbally.

What if the rapid test is positive?

If the rapid test taken shows that you are currently carrying the virus, you will have to quarantine according to the RIVM guidelines . Unfortunately, you will not be able to travel to the country of destination and we will not be able to prepare a health declaration for you. The RIVM recommends that you then administer a PCR test to check the rapid test. This is possible at the GGD, but also at Coronalab.

Important Resources

The RIVM website provides a lot of information about COVID-19. You can also consult the website of the government of the destination country. Current information about the situation per country can be found on the websites of the government , the National Coordination Center for Travelers Advice , IATA and those of your travel organization and/or airline. The ANWB also provides a lot of information.

Central government travel advice

We always advise you to take a good look at the travel advice given by the Dutch government . Also make sure you follow the information from your travel company or airline. They will inform you of specific requirements that may be made. We also advise you to take a good look at the travel information and the state of affairs of your travel destination.

What is a Corona rapid test?

An antigen (rapid) test is a method in which material is tested for the presence of virus proteins. No laboratory is required to perform the test and the results are quickly available after our quality check.

For whom is the antigen rapid test intended?

The antigen rapid test is for anyone with complaints who wants to know whether he/she currently has the corona virus.

If you have no complaints and still have doubts, for example because you have been in contact with a positively tested person, we recommend a PCR test.

What is the difference with a PCR test?

The PCR test is the gold standard. The test is very sensitive (99.8% specificity and 99.9% sensitivity) and detects both high and low concentrations of the virus in your body. However, the PCR test can only be performed and analyzed in a laboratory.

The rapid test does not require a laboratory and the result will be available within 2 hours. Studies do show that the rapid test picks up lower concentrations of the virus less well than the PCR test, which is why RIVM has only validated antigen tests for people with complaints.

How is the test administered?

The rapid test is administered via a nasopharyngeal swab. Trained staff will take the swab from you. It is important that this is taken in the right way in order to generate a reliable result.

Do I have to wait on location for the results?

New. For your and our safety, you can go home immediately after the test. You can request the results of the rapid test on our website within two hours. In the event of a positive result, you will also be called about the result.

What does the test cost?

The test costs €39 including VAT via the booking tool.

Where can I (have) taken a rapid test?

You can have our rapid test taken at all our 20 clinics in the Netherlands. View the overview of our test locations here . You can easily schedule a test directly via our online booking tool.

When will I receive the results of the rapid test?

The result is available within 2 hours . This is due to our internal quality control. The results are always checked by a doctor. You can request the results via our website. By working in a secure environment, our services are fully in line with the AVG legislation.

No results will be shared on the spot or verbally.

Can a rapid test be used for travel?

This depends on the country you are traveling to. Some countries allow entry with a negative rapid test certificate.

You are responsible for the correct choice for a test. A PCR test is always allowed to travel with.